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Long long ago, in a fantastic time, do not smell the flowers, the birds did not
sing. The earth was dominated by three colors; black, white and gray …. Good
-bad, happy – unhappy distinction wasn’t made. Devil and angel were
traveled arm in arm. Magic and spells dominated the world. Witches, garden
fairies, dwarfs and elves exists. No one entered the territory of the others,
they even lived unaware of each other. But it didn’t last long. The witch
wanted to make changes in her life, opened the book of potions, and reached in
its depth, the unknown magic ….

After dealing with it, she was able to
prepare a potion and filled it in a bottle. The potion made something
ridiculous to the earth, it colored the sky and the sea, blue color went into every
ones lives. But not everyone was happy with this result. The elves became
disturbed, so that they start searching for the cause of this change. They asked
and searched every, till they found the Witch. They started fighting and
nobody was able to separate them. One of the elves jumped on the witch and
bite her wrist.

She barley saved her her life and went away from this place.
When she woke up in the morning, she lay in her bed and wasn’t able to
remember what happened and how she come here. She went in the garden and
breathed in, saw a reflection of her self in a puddle but … she wasn’t the same
as before. She had become a big eared Witch-Elf …


Yarn: Nako pırlanta
Colors: skin, white, purple, black, orange, red, brown,
cream, yellow, green
Crochet hook: 3.00 mm (C/2)
Tapestry needle
Fiber fill
Felt fabric: white, purple, black, blue adhesive
When using recommended yarn and hook, the size of the
witch turns out 55 cm without hat, and 65 cm witch hat

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