Syomushka the little bear

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Syomushka the little bear
Syomushka the little bear

Materials and tools
1. You can use any yarn – wool, mohair or acrylic yarn. The thicker yarn you use, the bigger
toy you will get. I used Alize ―Lanagold 800‖ (49% wool, 51% acryl, 800 m (875 yards) in
100 g skein) in two threads as the main thread for the Syomushka (brown bear), hook 1.5
mm and in one thread for the face, heel, palms, belly, ears and nose, hook 1 mm. Green and
white bear were crocheted with Alize ―Softy‖ (100% micro polyester, 115 m (126 yards) in
50 g skein) – 80 g, hook 2 mm, chenille yarn Alpina ―Andre Classic‖ (60% acryl, 35% viscose,
5% spandex, 530 m (580 yards) in 100 g skein), hook 1.5 mm. Select yarn so that the
additional thread was decently thinner than the main thread, and the difference between
the hooks used by you was 0.5 mm.

Syomushka the little bear
Syomushka the little bear

2. Matching crochet hook (I used 1 mm, 1.5 mm and 2 mm).
3. Stuffing.
4. You can use single core copper electrical wire 1.5 mm in diameter for the frame of the
arms and glass granulate for weighting.

Syomushka the little bear
Syomushka the little bear

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5. For the scarf: any thin yarn for needles 1.5 mm or the cut of any fabric 35х10 cm size (if
you sew the scarf). Bears from Softy require the cut of fabric 40х15 cm size.
6. Cotter pins (5 pcs) and joint disks (10 pcs). I used discs with a diameter of 15 mm for the
arms, 30/35 mm for the legs and 25/30 mm for the head. You can use another method of
7. Choose eyes, the size, color and a form on your discretion – it will define character of your
toy. You can use small piece of white felt for whites of the eyes and flat cord of suede 3
mm for the eyelids.
8. Any material for tinting you like.
Finished size approx. 19 cm (7.5 inches) if you use Alize ―Lanagold 800‖ and 25 cm (10 inches) if
you use Alize ―Softy

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Syomushka the little bear
Syomushka the little bear

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