Seraphin Dragon – Manic Yarn

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Seraphin Dragon - Manic Yarn
Seraphin Dragon - Manic Yarn

Seraphin Dragon! Seraphin is a masculine name of French origin, meaning “The Burning One”.

This guy is all kinds of bad and a little bit of an arsonist! He spends his days perched on a mountain top dreaming of crispy critters. The original inventor of fire, he enjoys every opportunity to burn things to a crisp! His favorite food is bacon. Seraphin has a bad habit of starting unintended wildfires. Whatever the case, he does have good manners and makes a fantastic house-guest. He enjoys the company of Humans and tries to keep his antics confined to uninhabited areas.

Materials Needed:

  • Size: 48” x 31”!
  • Yarn: Any worsted weight  yarn: MC for body and 1 or more CC for additional details (horns, claws, scales, wing webbing, tail). ILTY Metallic and RH stripes “Retro Stripe” for details.
  • MC 1600 yards
  • CC: Horns, Wing webbing: 450 yards
  • CC: Claws, Scales: 300 yards
  • 21mm oval or slit pupil safety eyes.
  • Hook- Size: Susan Bates (D) 3.25mm
  • Stuffing: 3 lbs. Poly-fil (I used Poly-fil brand Crafters Choice dry polyester packing fiber fill) its stuffs solid and sturdy. Darning needle.
  • 1 3/4-inch T-pins for joining. (Recommended) Wings: 12-gauge galvanized wire (hardware store) and needle nosed pliers.

    Seraphin Dragon - Manic Yarn
    Seraphin Dragon – Manic Yarn

Stitch Guide

Note: Not all stitches listed are used in every pattern.

  • ch: Chain.
  • MR: Magic ring.
  • slst: Slip stitch.
  • sk: Skip.
  • st(s): Stitch(es).
  • sc: Single crochet.
  • hdc: Half double crochet.
  • dc: Double crochet
  • inc: Sc, hdc, or dc inc as
  • indicated: (2 stitches are placed in the same space).
  • dec: Single crochet decrease: (This can also be hdc dec or dc dec).
  • inv. dec: Invisible decrease: (Pick up the FLO of the next 2 stitches and crochet through both loops as if they were one stitch). Use whenever possible for a clean finished look.
  • (xxxx): Repeat the same group of stitches as indicated.
  • [xxxx]: Stitches are placed into the same st or body part.
  • * to *: Repeat entire sequence between asterisks.
  • FLO: Crochet in front loop only.
  • BLO: Crochet in back loop only.
  • YO: Yarn over.
  • FO: Fasten off.
  • Inv. Join: Invisible join technique.
  • LS: Loop stitch: Extend yarn guide finger to create desired loop size. Insert hook through stitch, weave hook behind nearest strand, around to the front of the far strand, grab far strand with hook and pull strand to the back around the nearest strand and through stitch, pull yarn tail to adjust loop size as needed, finish stitch as you normally would.
  • hdc LS: Half double crochet loop stitch (yarn over, then regular LS).
  • BOB: Bobble stitch: (3dc are joined together in the same stitch unless otherwise indicated).

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Seraphin Dragon - Manic Yarn
Seraphin Dragon – Manic Yarn

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