Piu the mouse

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Piu the mouse
Piu the mouse

Yarn – all of the same thickness. Mine is 100% mercerized cotton:
beige for the main color, pink for the body and yellow for the skirt, Vita Cotton 240 m/50 gr
( 262.5 yds/1.76 oz); Pekhorka Uspeshnaya 220 m/50 gr (250 yds/ 1.7 oz) for fingertips and tiptoes.
Corresponding hook. Mine is 1,3 mm (US size 10)
Thin elastic shelled wire for the tail;
Sticking tape for sharp wire ends;
Glue, I have a CA glue;
1 eye, mine is a 3 mm insertable eye
Any means to add tone to cheeks and ears. I have a red lipstick and a
blender brush
Scissors, tapestry needle
to sew the parts
Brooch pin
Optionally: pins, stitch marker

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Piu the mouse
Piu the mouse

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MR – magic ring
SC – single crochet
Inc – increase (2 sc in one)
Dec – decrease
DC – double crochet
Ch.st – chain stitch
sl.st. – slip stitch
If you use the materials mentioned above,
you’ll get a 6 cm (2.36 inch) brooch.
All the details are made in a spiral except
the body. The body is crocheted by a “seam
method” (with sl.st.at the end of the round)
The brooch is assembled in the process of

Piu the mouse
Piu the mouse

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Crochet-Pattern-By-Lily-Liliya-Sharipova-Piu-the-mouse.pdf (1183 downloads)



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