Pattern Crochet Doll Pipi Amigurumi

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doll pipi
doll pipi

I’m a fan of amigurumi! I create and crochet brooches, toys and also make patterns to them.
I’ve been keen on handmade since my childhood, but only crocheting has been thrown me into!


) Yarn of 8 different colors: beige, purple, light-orange (yellow), white, brown, ginger, beige, milk.
For Pippi:
– YarnArt Jeans, 50g/ 160m, 55% cotton, 45% acryl, color 07 (beige) – for the body, color 50 (purple) – for the jumper and stockings, color 40 (brown) – for the boots, color 62 (white)

– for the pants;
– Alpina Vera, 100g/ 280m, 55% cotton, 45% acryl, color 39 (light-orange) (you can use YarnArt Jeans color 35 or Alize Cotton Gold color 14 or 216 instead) – for the dress and stockings;
– Nako Paris, 100g/ 245m, 60% polyamid, 40% acryl, color 5520 (ginger)

-for hair.
For monkey:
– Nako Paris, 100g/ 245m, 60% polyamid, 40% acryl, color 1204 (milk) – for muzzle, color 11237 (beige) – for monkey. You can use any other yarn of the same characteristic instead.

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