Elliot The Little Bear

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Elliot The Little Bear
Elliot The Little Bear



MR – Magic Ring
ch – Chain
sc – Single crochet
hdc – Half double crochet
dc – Double crochet
inc – Increase
dec – Decrease
sl st – Slip stitch
st(s) – Stitch(es)
BLO – Back loop only
FLO – Front loop only
[…] xN – Repeat instructions in
brackets N times
{…} – Work all the stitches in
brackets into the same
(…) – Number of stitches on
each round/row

• Crochet hook: 2,5 mm
• Yarn: Size 2 (Fine)
• A pair of 6 mm safety eyes
• Stuffing
• Pins, tapestry needle, scissors, stitch markers
I used: Alize cotton gold hobby (50 g/160 m) and
Gazzal baby cotton (50 g/ 165 m). These are the
main colors that I used for the two bears you’ll see
on pages 11 and 12:
• Body: Cream (Color 3445 – Gazzal) or Brown
(Color 688 – Alize).
• Muzzle: White (Color 3410 – Gazzal) or Cream
(Color 01 – Alize).
• Pullover: Yellow and Orange (Color 3447 and
3453 – Gazzal), or Olive and Cream (Color 270
and 01 – Alize).
• A small amount of black thread to embroider
the nose.
• A small amount of green, orange, or yellow yarn
to make the hat.

• The final size of the doll is about 20 – 22 cm, but it can vary,
depending on the yarn and the hook size used.
• Try to crochet tightly to avoid holes. Use a smaller hook than the one
recommended on the yarn label.
• Crochet in continuous spiral unless otherwise stated.
• Always mark the first stitch of each round (using a stitch marker or
leftover yarn) to avoid losing track of where the round begins.

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