Cuddle-Sized Terrance the Tiger

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Cuddle-Sized Terrance the Tiger - Holly Faith Salzman - Storyland Amis
Cuddle-Sized Terrance the Tiger - Holly Faith Salzman - Storyland Amis


  • Worsted weight yarn (4 ply) in
    orange, black, & white. (U.K.
    equivalent is Aran & AUS/NZ is 10
  •  F (3.75mm) crochet hook
  •  15mm black safety eyes
  • 18mm pink safety nose
  •  Fiberfill (or your stuffing of choice)
  •  Yarn needle
  •  Scissors
  • Stitch marker

Abbreviation key (US terms):
sc – single crochet
st/sts – stitch(es)
Sl st – slip stitch
dec – decrease (sc the next 2 stitches
inc – increase (2 single crochet in the
next stitch)
R1 – round 1
Rep – repeat
** – repeat this group of instructions
amount of times indicated

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Note: All rounds are worked
continuously (that is, vs. joined rounds.)
Color change help:
Insert hook into last st of round or
section, yarn over & pull hook through
st. Take your new color of yarn, yarn
over & pull hook through remaining 2
loops on hook. Now you’re ready to start
the new round or section.
For sewing the body to the head, I would recommend you use the “seamless join” method
for a cleaner look. You can find an excellent tutorial explaining it here:

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